Get your full program in PDF format HERE. Delegates will be informed by 59 speakers, from Australia and overseas, presenting their latest findings in native bee biology, systematics, management, disease, pollination and community engagement.

Plenary speakers

Eduardo Almeida, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Australian bee systematics & biogeography.
Michael Batley, Australian Museum, Diversity & ecology of Simpson Desert bees

Laurence Packer, York University, Canada. Author of “Keeping the Bees”. Bee diversity & identification
Margarita López-Uribe, Penn State University, USA. Effects of agriculture on bee population genomics
Cristiano Menezes, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA). Nesting biology of stingless bees: applications for meliponiculture.
Sandra Rehan, York University, Canada . Bee biodiversity and social evolution. Behavioural genetics of small carpenter bees

Note that on the second session of each day, between morning break and lunch, you have a choice of two parallel sessions.

Program subject to change.