Trade Show

Ten trade tables will complement the Australian Native Bee Conference. These tables will promote the businesses or interests of the exhibitors. The tables will be close to the catering area so please find some time in the breaks to browse these tables

Tocal College

Tocal College has a number of study options for people interested in beekeeping. It offers the Certificate III in Beekeeping, a nationally accredited trade level qualification, to students through blended learning. Tocal College has also published a number of specialist publications on bees (including Australian Native Bees) and beekeeping, which will be available to purchase at the conference. We will also be taking expressions of interest to study with Tocal College.

Entomological Society of Queensland

The Entomological Society of Queensland, since its inception in 1923, has striven to promote the development of pure and applied entomological research in Australia, particularly in Queensland. The Society promotes liaison among entomologists through regular meetings and the distribution of a News Bulletin to members. Meetings are announced in the News Bulletin, and are normally held on the second Tuesday of each month. Visitors and members are welcome. Membership is open to anyone interested in Entomology. The Society publishes THE AUSTRALIAN ENTOMOLOGIST. This is a refereed, illustrated journal devoted to Entomology in the Australian region, including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the islands of the South Western Pacific. The journal is published in four parts annually.

The Healthy Bees Research Team, Western Sydney University,

The Healthy Bees Research Team is based in the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment at Western Sydney University. We conduct research on a wide range of topics relating to bees and pollination. In particular we study insect pollinators, crop pollination, floral resources, climate change, bee diseases and agro-ecosystems. Native bees, and especially stingless bees, are pivotal in our research program. Much of our current work is funded through the Hort Frontiers Pollination Fund and focuses on insect pollinators and pollination in cropping landscapes. This involves several Australian industry and research partners, as well as overseas research links, primarily with India.


Prof James Cook (Project Leader)

Dr Jasmine Grinyer (Project Manager)

Keeper and Hive

K&H stocks all manner of gifts, clothing and homewares for bee enthusiasts, including an exclusive range designed by native bee illustrator Gina Cranson. Tee shirts, scarves, aprons, artwork and cards, badges and books, garden signs, pewter and glassware – Keeper and Hive source, produce and sell beautiful items that celebrate Australia’s native bees and honey bees. NSW based beekeepers Sheila Stokes and Sue Carney operate Keeper and Hive as an online and pop-up event store. They’re located at and are available to attend community events around NSW. Wholesale enquiries welcome.

The Australian Native Bee Company

Hi my name is Steve Maginnity and I am the director of The Australian Native Bee Company. We are based on the North Coast of NSW but also have sites on the Mid North Coast. We provide a pollination service, education programs for teachers and presentations for preschool, primary and secondary schools and community groups. We also sell hives, and related products.


Hive Haven

Hive Haven sell native bee honey and native bee hives that have been specifically designed to maintain a stable temperature and enable the harvesting of food grade native honey and cerumen/propolis.


Ann and Jeff Ross

Doug’s Bees

Doug’s Bees is a retirement enterprise of former commercial apiarist, Doug Irvine of Hervey Bay QLD. He will have available quality OATH hives made from QLD Kauri, sturdy steel mounting brackets and for the first time, miniaturised hives (money boxes) made from Budgeroo and Red Gum.


Sugarbag Bees

Sugarbag Bees is an innovative company based in Brisbane Australia which provides stingless bee hives, products, services, advice, information and education resources. Our primary activity is breeding and selling stingless bee hives. We also provide a variety of beekeeping products such as hive boxes, mounts and tools. We offer a range of beekeeping services including splitting or extracting honey from your hive, and hive buyback options. We present workshops and seminars on native bees in Queensland and New South Wales. We partner with universities to conduct pure and applied research on bees. We extend professional advice on crop pollination. We love what we do and feel privileged to spend our lives engaged with wonderful little masterpieces of nature. To share this love, we turn out a range of educational resources including The Australian Native Bee Book, a multi award winning and bestselling guide to keeping Australian native stingless bees.


Australian Native Bee, including Dean Haley and Nick Powell

Dean Haley is based in Brisbane, and operates a stingless bee keeping hobby where he sells a few carbonaria and hockingsi hives. Deans boxes are always in demand, are made out of the highest quality natural timbers and are finished well. His customers are typically families who wish to keep a stylish box of native bees on their porch or patio. Nick Powell runs a website providing free and helpful advice for beginner to expert native bee keepers.

Native Beeings Pty Ltd

Native Beeings Pty Ltd is becoming an established native bee farming enterprise with over 500 hives under our management. One of our value-adding initiatives is an all-natural native bee propolis extract, which we believe may be unique and is registered with the TGA. We have also developed a nectar supplement as well as a pollen supplement to support our bees during times of stress. We will have these products on display. Our business is based in Queensland as well as New South Wales.


Mariki and Francois Visser